Reference Apps

Time vs Frames

Are you working on a project and you have the timecode and need to know how many frames to a cue or you have the frame count and need to know the timecode? Enter hours, minutes, seconds or frames to convert to frame count or enter in frames for timecode read out.


Wavelength and Period

Wavelength gives you the wavelength of a frequency with the speed of sound and the period of one cycle. Use the slider to change the frequency or enter in a number by touching the Hz number. Change the temperature by touching the fahrenheit number. What frequency is your height?

Audio Panning Percentage vs dB

Move the slider to the left or right to see the percentage and dB fader level of the mix between left and right of the Audio Panning.

What’s That Dive?

iOS: To find a dive, dial in the dive number and the dive information will appear above.
Apple Watch: Select a category, then select a dive. The dive information will appear. Select back to find a different dive.