• Theme Park Checklist:

    Do you want to check off activities as you complete them at a theme park? Create an itinerary? Save and compare your trips? Theme Park Checklist makes this an easy task, plus you can share with your friends for itinerary or archived trips.

  • myReplay

    myReplay myReplay is an audio cart type app with 5 sound playback hotkeys. Each hotkey has control over its own load to add a song from your iPod library, control the volume, pan: center, left or right, rate: the speed of the song, inf. loop or single play, seek in time, and a pause or …

  • myMIDIremotes

    myMIDI apps are iOS 4.2+ wired and wireless MIDI apps to give the user the freedom to control their MIDI show control device.   For more information and support please see myMIDIremotes.com    

  • SmartBaby

    “SmartBaby” is an educational baby game developed for the iPhone. Each time you touch the screen you will hear and see a letter, number, shape, or color. The screen is divided up into four buttons one for each subject. Current version has A-Z, 1-10, 9 colors, and 8 objects including happy and sad. Available in …